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The Green Guide has been created to provide the latest information on local environmentally friendly products and services. The easy-to-read format provides accredited labeling, diagrams and an assurance that the products and services displayed are more environmentally friendly than their comparative product.

The idea of the Green Guide stemmed from the Warrnambool Community Garden and the need to break down the barriers to purchasing environmentally friendly products in Warrnambool. So what is an environmentally friendly product? Who has the time to research? What local businesses sell environmentally friendly products? These are just some of the questions people are asking.

It seems the purchasing of environmentally friendly products or services has never been more challenging with an ever growing range available on the internet and in major cities. Many of these products claim to be environmentally friendly, green, ecofriendly and sustainable, but how can you be sure? The aim of the Green Guide is to make it easier for residents and businesses to make smart, sustainable choices when purchasing products and services.

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