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Austral Stork's-bill

image by: 
Kevin Sparrow
Pelargonium australe

A small herbaceous plant that grows to 0.5 metres tall with hairy green geranium shaped leaves and flowers. The flowers are pale pink with crimson to purple markings and occur on long stalks in groups of up to 12 flowers from October to February. It grows well in well drained clay to sandy soil, tolerates some salt winds, in full sun to dappled shade and is frost tolerant. It is an attractive plant for rockeries and cottage gardens and tolerates dry conditions once established.

Perennial herb
0 - 0.5m
Flowering Time: 
Part Shade
Water Requirement: 
Heavy and Clay soil
Sandy Soil
Some Coastal Exposure
Dry conditions
Acidic Soils
Biodiversity Benefits: 
Lizard Habitat
Plant Origin: 
Local Native
Natural Occurence: 

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