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Voices from the Fields

Dog's Dinner Theatre Productions

FROM: Fri 9 November 7:30 pm
TO: Sat 10 November 9:30 pm

This event is on from 7.30pm Friday night, 2.00pm Sat and 7.30pm Saturday night. Voices from the Fields asks us not to celebrate war, not to glorify war, not even to understand war, but simply to empathise with those impacted by war. While most of the ‘voices’ are from the context of The Great War of 1914-18, the source and context of the sentiments they express is not crucial to their comprehension. These expressions of awe, excitement and duty in the early days; fear, bitterness, loss and resignation in the grinding duration; and finally, a sense of hope for the future, speak to us from all modern conflicts. The ‘fields’ from which these voices echo are the recruitment centres and city squares, the battle fronts, the hospitals and rehabilitation centres, the empty homes of loved ones left behind, and the halls and open spaces of public discourse

LOCATION: Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool


PHONE: 0429 333 893


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