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Wollaston Bridge

Wollaston Bridge

The Wollaston Heritage Bridge is undergoing maintenance work to ensure it remains an important historical and functional piece of infrastruture for years to come.


The first of the four stages of structural conservation works for the Wollaston Heritage Bridge nvolves the following:
  • Replacement of timber cross girders (beams) in natural finish 
  • Installation of new metal bracing rods and painting
  • Replacement of timber blocks atop posts and painting
To retain the architectural, aesthetic and historical importance of Wollaston Heritage Bridge the structural conservation works will not diminish, distort or in any way undermine or change the cultural or historic significance of the place. 
There is no change to the size, placement or connection of the structural members and the colour scheme will be retained, noting the improvements in safety for pedestrian and cyclists. 
Any new timbers are unpainted will require time before weathering of the timber occurs and there will be some visual distinction between old and new components to retain some of the original fabric of the bridge.



Stage 1 of 4: Replace Cross Beams, Bracing and Blocks  to occur between 25 March 2019 and due for completion by 31 May 2019 with the completion of the entire structural conservation works is due to be completed before November 2019.

Traffic Impact

Stage 1 of 4: Council will implement a mobile traffic control on Wollaston Road Vehicular Bridge for alternate pedestrian access for 2-3 hours on alternate days during off peak period.  There will be NO PUBLIC ACCESS during changeover of cross beams for Wollaston Heritage Bridge for public safety and localised construction zones will be established for the bracing and block replacement on the Wollaston Heritage Bridge.


Under 2018/19 Bridge Renewal Capital Works Programme and DELWP Heritage Victoria Round 3 Living Heritage Grant, the joint funding for the $335,00.00 ex GST structural conservation works for Wollaston Heritage Bridge on Wollaston Road, Warrnambool will enable Wollaston Heritage Bridge to remain operational for pedestrians and cyclists as critical infrastructure access for North Warrnambool across the Merri River.

In partnership with:
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Warrnambool City Council
Friends of Wollaston Bridge (MAD for the Merri)
Warrnambool Historical Society
Glenelg Hopkins CMA.


Please contact Jen Macmillan, Infrastructure Projects Officer on (03) 5559 4800 or jmacmillan [at] warrnmabool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

About the historic Wollaston Bridge

The heritage listed Wollaston Bridge, constructed in 1890, is one of Warrnambool's most iconic landmarks.

The bridge is of aesthetic, architectural and historical significance – it is the oldest cable suspension bridge in Victoria and one of the most striking.

Spanning the Merri River, the bridge was privately funded, which was unusual at the time, and served as the entrance to the Wollaston estate. 

Thirty seven metres long, the timber bridge is suspended on steel cables and anchored by four steel-capped stone pillars.

The cables used were recycled from the Hawthorn cable car, a cable tram which operated in Melbourne.

A new structure was built in 1967 to cater for vehicles crossing the river, with the historic Wollaston Bridge now catering exclusively for pedestrians.

As well as being a magnificent structure in its own right, the Wollaston Bridge is an excellent vantage point to see native birds, fish and even platypuses in their natural environment.

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